As pain is still present
The fate that I have loved you
My beautiful lover in doleful soul
That at any time I want to hug
To finally suffering is absent
And grant that no soul shall lie!
Your fame gives his lyre
In joy and pleasure.
May you receive my Prince
My tender complaint charged with hope!
Blame, exile will be lenient penalty
So when I want to, you run to
All righteousness, speaking of love.
Your eyes, your face, your breath,
Your life … Ah! I wake up and sighs
In joy and pleasure.
Alas! Wisdom spurned love
And takes away the honor of your embrace,
At the time of my speech is constrained
To work because my mind discourses.
Bel Ami, arm yourself with courage!
Clears my heart a cloud:
Our watches revive your smile
In joy and pleasure!
O Prince very kind, thank
The dazzling voice of the body.
Friend, defend virtue, thank
The lovers bathed in the golden nights.
© Poèmes d’Amboise, La Maison des Pages éd., 2007